Unicorn Vision was founded by a small group of music enthusiasts from Melbourne, Australia, who set out to share great experiences with the world. 

We first tried cheap diffraction glasses at a trance event and we thought they were pretty cool. Then we tried our friend's fancy kaleidoscope glasses. The difference? Mind blowing. 

The light and lasers through lenses of a quality pair of Rave Glasses is phenomenal. We set out to find specialist manufacturers who could make premium frames and custom lenses for the best visual experience. 

We tested heaps of combinations, and we are proud to finally release our first 3 designs. 

We hope you enjoy them at your next event as much as we have enjoyed creating them. 


We believe that music brings people together regardless of race, age, or sexual orientation. By choosing our products, you affirm our values in celebrating individuality.

Our team always have rave glasses & rainbow wristbands on us at events.
If you spot us, come and say hello! We promise hugs and good vibes.

Unicorn Vision

Peace and love,
- The Unicorn Vision Team