Through trance events, many of us at Unicorn Vision have met our partners, reconnected with old friends, and made awesome new ones. 

We feel that a strong community is so important and that's why we are committed to donating a portion of our profits back to the community. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see where your money is going!

In particular, we'd also like to highlight Red Frogs - an organisation that provides a positive peer presence and safeguards our younger generation.

If things get a bit out of hand at your next event, keep an eye out for the friendly Red Frogs crew.

These volunteers are around to give water and look after you in a judgement-free space until you're feeling better!

Red Frogs

To learn more about Red Frogs or volunteer to join this amazing cause, check out their website here: Red Frogs.

Red Frogs

Peace and love,
- The Unicorn Vision Team